Shishinjutsu Therapy 

Initial visit75min
( 15min initial consultation + 60min Shishinjutsu treatment)
After second visits60min Shishinjutsu treatment$100

What is Shishinjutsu  指鍼術?

Shishinjutsu is non-invasive manual therapy that originated in Oriental Medicine. It is based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the concept of Qi (or Chi) which is the life force energy that flows through the body.

The word “Shi-shin-jutsu” means “finger acupuncture method” in Japanese.

Shishinjutsu therapy is a technique where fingers are applied instead of acupuncture needles. The purpose is to remove blockages in the flow of energy throughout the body, and restore the balance.

What is the difference between Shiatsu (指圧) and Shishinjutsu(指鍼術)?

Shiatsu is a technique where pressure is applied to the body areas using both thumbs. It follows the three principles: vertical, sustained, and concentrated pressure. The word ”Shi-atsu” means “finger pressure” in Japanese.

Historically, the roots of Shiatsu can be traced back to the ancient practice of Anma (按摩), which is a form of Japanese bodywork that originated in ancient China and has evolved over the centuries. It used various technique to stimulate and balance the body’s energy channels. 

Shiatsu today is a manual therapy that was introduced in the early 20th century (Taisho era) by Japanese Anma practitioner Tokujiro Namikoshi who incooperated the Western medical concept. He developed a more systematic approach to bodywork based on the principles of Anna and modern Western anatomy and physiology. Therefore, it does not heavily rely on Eastern medical perspective.

Shishinjutsu is developed by incorporating the connection between the physical body and energy flow, including the use of meridians (energy channels) and acupuncture points, and aimed to balance and harmonize these aspects of the individual.

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Cancellation Policy

Please give at least 24hrs notice if you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment. This allows the clinic to full the appointment with another patient who may be waiting for treatment. Cancellation fee may be charged for missed appointments without any notice. Thank you for your understanding.

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