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Hiro is a Gem!! Truly talented and a Passionate soul who has a gift to work miracles with his hands!! If you are in pain, he can help you. If you need a massage, he can help you. Hiro has extra sensory and fine skills in his fingers to precisely apply appropriately in the perfect pressure points and other areas of your body to relieve your symptoms. Everyone needs to Experience Hiro at least once.
Victoria M.

Hiro Iwamoto is a very intuitive healer of blocked energy and pain in the body.  I’m 74-yrs.-old, had right knee surgery, and was seized by severe pain and sciatica a half yr. later in that leg.  I have seen Hiro 5 times, and I just keep getting better.  I no longer use my cane when I walk.  My husband says that I don’t complain about everything anymore.  Even my hairless sphynx cat (very sensitive) wants to be with me more.  My life is positive now thanks to Hiro.
Pat S.

Dr. Iwamoto is truly an amazing healer. The moment he started my treatment I knew that I was in a hands of a very special and gifted doctor.  After we finished, I sat in my car for a while. My pain was gone and my tears would stop. I have NEVER met anyone like him.  I found a true gem today. God Bless You Dr Iwamoto!!!!
M R.

I’m so excited! Just got off the phone with Hiro and I can’t wait to see him tomorrow morning. I live in LA making a modest, honest living, but people with a gift such that Hiro possesses come along but a handful of times in one’s life time. So, it’s well worth the interruption of my day to day life to go see him. Aside from having a miraculous way of determining what your body needs, Hiro is just an amazing being to come across. His way of living inspires you to find what you love most in life. Lastly, I like providing Hiro’s treatments as a gift to my friends and family.
Kevin W.

I visited Mr. Iwamoto twice due to my shoulder and back pain. His treatment is mysterious, but it works. After treatment, my pain was alleviated, and I felt my back got lighter.
Yasuka R.

If you can’t get rid of pain go see Dr Iwamoto and he will help you. He is an incredible doctor and human being.
Charlie G.

He does excellent work, I go to him from time to time if I have a significant problem. He always does a great job and I leave feeling extraordinarily better than I did when I arrived. I would go on a weekly basis if my insurance would just cover it! Has helped me relieve stress and even helped me work through an autoimmune disease.
Ben S.

I was recommended by a friend and although it seemed so different I was eager to try. After the first session I felt immediately different, after two sessions 90% of my pain from stress was gone. I can’t praise his abilities enough. He definitely changed my life and continues to do so in the most positive way.  I encourage anyone who is suffering from pain or just stress to go to Hiro. It will change your life.
Janine D.

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